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Turf Sales

Synthetic turf fields provide numerous advantages over natural grass. As compared to natural grass, synthetic turf has a significant decrease in maintenance costs.

Moreover, other benefits such as versatility of multiple activities i.e. Jamborees,
School Fundays,

Intramurals, Band Competitions, etc. as well as the ability to utilize the field while raining has led to the adoption of synthetic turf fields.

An additional advantage of a synthetic turf system is its ability to have outstanding

drainage with the capability to play in all-weather conditions.

Turf Installation

The turf component is made up of turf fibers, backing, and a coating system. The main components of the sub

drainage system are the capstone layer, free-draining base aggregate layer, and the perforated collector pipe, and

geotextile fabric layer.

Turf Maintenance

USA Sports Turf will provide detailed training of proper maintenance to include grooming and sweeping of the synthetic turf equipment as recommended by USA Sports Turf.

Maintenance is typically required every 40 hours of field utilization or as needed.

Playtime is virtually 100% and in almost any weather condition.

Playtime would increase and include both practices and games.

Downtime would consist of minimal maintenance.

Sports Project Components

USA SPORTS TURF can also provide the following services:

Sports Tracks | Tennis Courts | Pickleball Courts | Sports Court Flooring |
Steel Framed Buildings | Air Supported Structures | Netting | Scoreboards | ESports Centers | Entertainment Venues |  
Driving Ranges | MultiSports Simulators | Synthetic Turf Golf | Ice Rinks

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