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The Schmitz company is a fourth generation family business that was established in 1935 in the Netherlands. Foam has always played an important role in their business.

As experts in high performance shock pads, we utilize their incredible ProPlay foam as a companion to our synthetic turf products.  It is the only shock pad that combines high performance with superior drainage capability. 


Since 1996, Greens Groomer has been focused on simple engineering solutions to turf maintenance, following the principle of "Low Mechanical Complexity and High Reliability."

They has combined their well-known Synthetic Groomer with their Spring Tine Rake to elevate efficiency and performance to the next level.  The third generation unit goes from fully-retracted mode to tines-down raking in one easy movement.


Arizon Building Systems are the most cost-effective, open-span building solutions on the market, and are typically constructed for less than one-third of the cost of conventional forms of construction. Our air-supported and frame-supported fabric buildings also allow for rapid construction timelines and minimal operating costs with our Air-Rotation technology.

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