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USA Sports Turf is dedicated to provide state of the art high tech synthetic turf for sports fields. 

Synthetic turf is a manufactured surface often used on sports fields, composed of synthetic fibers with the aesthetic appeal of natural grass. 

In addition to being used for sports arena, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, synthetic turf is used for playgrounds and residential lawns.


USA Sports Turf is able to design/build your project complying with local municipalities, city, county and state requirements.  Along with our manufacturing and construction partners we are a completely insured and bonded company to get your project finished on-time and to the highest industry standards. 


• USA Sports Turf believes that high quality and excellent customer service are priorities when it comes to providing our clients with the best possible turf solution for their project.

• Our team will provide a competitive price on all its turf products along with an 8-year manufacturers' warranty.  We will be there long after the completion of your project to assist in anyways it can to provide excellent customer service.

• We look forward to assisting in anyway from an original install or a re-install for many years to come.

• Unlike other synthetic turf companies, we are owned and operated in the USA.

• We will provide athletes and coaches with the safety and performance they need to perform at their highest level, while giving our clients the durability they want to maximize the value of their investment.

• Our priority to is to provide you with synthetic turf products that will fit your athletic needs, meet your expectations and create satisfied clients for years to come.


Mark West has over 20 years experience in the synthetic turf industry.  Mark has worked on projects from park and recreation, city municipalities, private ventures, private and public schools, colleges and universities and professional sport facilities.  Mark’s experience includes sales and sales management, to identify emerging markets and to develop market strategies that will increase company growth and profitability. Additionally, he has experience in project management, material acquisition, negotiation of national buying programs and site progress meetings.  He has represented companies at regional and national conferences as well as making presentations regarding the synthetic turf market. Prior to Mark’s synthetic turf sale’s career, he was a Certified Athletic Trainer at the collegiate, professional and Olympic levels.  He also was the Head Athletic Trainer for US Swimming to the 1986 Goodwill Games in Moscow, Russia and well as being the student Athletic Trainer for the 1979 NAIA National Basketball Champion, Drury (College) University.  This experience assists Mark and his desire to make certain that the synthetic turf systems he is involved with are the safest in the industry.


Drew Marino is the CEO and President of USA Sports Turf Inc.  He is also President/CEO of USA Sports Inc. is a Sports Management Consulting firm for new and existing sports facilities.  USA Sports Inc. provides professional consulting management and marketing services to sports complexes from the initial design and layout to the development of new programs and growth. He has been involved in professional and amateur sports for over thirty-five years. He has combined his experience of sports and technology to offer unique consulting services to both private and municipal owned sports facilities around the country. He has a proven ability to form collaborative relationships with internal and external staff at all levels and a track record of building and leading high-performing teams. Drew was also a MLB coach for the NY Mets and minor coach for the Tampa Bay Rays.

K Stinnett (2).jpg

Kelly Stinnett created Grinders Baseball and Grinders Sports Group Inc. to help train children wanting to augment their skills and capabilities and excel at baseball. As a 14-year Major League catcher, he recognized the need to provide young athletes with guidance, mentoring and support. The Grinders team currently includes pro and college instructors and has 10 travel teams and 1 softball team at its indoor academy. Grinders has also developed programs for those affiliated with other travels teams or players to facilitate development and provide guidance and preparation for the competitive travel baseball scene.  Kelly is currently the head baseball coach at Park University in Gilbert, AZ. Kelly has had a vision for some time to create and construct a world class athletic/wellness facility for many years to train athletes and assist them with attaining their educational and athletic goals.

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Joseph Anthony Molloy served as a senior executive in the New York Yankees for eleven years and is a former Owner and Managing General Partner of the New York Yankees. He served as the General Partner of the Yankees for six years, from 1992-1998, and from 1992-1995 he was the Managing General Partner, responsible for all baseball and business operations. Joe is the CEO and Owner of JAM Sports Ventures. JAM Sports combines its experience operating one of the most storied sports franchises (New York Yankees) with deep financial, real estate, media and technology expertise. JAM Sports believes that its insights and command of related business functions will drive each acquired team's financial performance to new levels of performance and profitability.

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